Sep 8, 2008

Grand opening of the new SeQuential-Pacific facility

The newly expanded SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel (SQPB) facility in Salem opened its doors on August 29th. The grand opening ceremony had SQPB investor Willie Nelson on hand and many local business partners like Kettle Foods, Tyree Oil, DeSantis Landscapes, Burgerville, Portland Greenheat, Star Oilco and Cherriots.

The new facility is a major step forward for biodiesel in Oregon - its capacity is five million gallons a year (up from one million) and uses a new technology to produce biodiesel. Traditional biodiesel production uses water during a cleaning process to "wash" the fuel, resulting in wastewater.

The new SQPB facility uses technology developed in-house based on silica; the only byproducts of our biodiesel production are now fertilizer and animal feed! Coupled with the fact that about 90% of our biodiesel comes from locally collected Used Cooking Oil, and you've got one of the most sustainable biodiesel facilities in the world!

Photos: Karen Rippey

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