Nov 14, 2010

Real time info-graphic by the National Biodiesel Board.

Nov 7, 2010

2011 Ford diesel truck engines fully compatible w/ biodiesel blends

Ford's new and improved 2011 Power Stroke®  V-8 turbocharged diesel engines are tested and approved to run on B-20 biodiesel.

The new engine design has performance improvements across the board in comparison to older heavy duty diesel engine models. Even more exciting is the news that this engine has lower overall emissions + greater flexibility in fuel choices with the capability of running B-20 biodiesel blends at high performance levels. To put it simply, It's a whole lot of truck with decreased environmental impact.

This increased biodiesel application in the new heavy duty engines increases biodiesel's use in industrial applications and passenger vehicles. This is an encouraging sign because vehicle and engine manufacturers hold a responsibility to biofuels enhancement as an on-road & off-road vehicle fuel of the future. We don't have much say in how an engine is built, but we can have the buying power to choose what type of fuel source we want to operate it with. After market modifications can always be made, but those usually come with downtime & significant costs to the consumer.

Biodiesel's natural ability to blend with petroleum diesel in any percentage is simple and beneficial common ground for engine manufacturers and consumers. I've personally met hundreds of die-hard B-20 drivers at the station who use and can attest to the performance & choice that B-20 has already given them. It's not just an easy way to go green, it's a proven way to get the job done.

I love the fact that Ford is promoting their new engine with a new Power Stroke® B20 emblem directly on the trucks. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this is next year's models.

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