Oct 25, 2010

Electric Car Charging Stations going to?

We all know one of the major drawbacks to electric cars: limited driving range. Yet, if there was a charging station on every corner it wouldn’t be an issue. The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced a program to invest in several charging stations throughout Oregon.
Naturally, SeQuential was very excited about this given our proximity to I-5 and our commitment to sustainability. DOE gave the placement logistics to a third party company, who we met with several times.
Much to our dismay, we learned last week that SeQuential will not be receiving a charging station. Instead or going to local businesses, the chargers will be going to Arco stations, and only Arco stations. If there’s a sustainability connection to Arco, I’m certainly not aware of it.
This raises plenty of issues: the reality that big corporations will inevitably end up in the sustainability business, the importance of continuing to support truly local businesses, and that even the noble sustainability movement will encounter shady, back-door dealings to test the patience of us who desire positive change.