Jan 11, 2011

New E85 flex-fuel station app for Android smart phones

The Renewable Fuels Association has released a free and useful mobile phone app for the Android smart phone line.

As many of you know, biofuels aren't always the easiest fuel to track down, especially when you're traveling or just in an unfamiliar area. This new app provides users with E85 station locations, prices, phone number, and most importantly -- directions.

I recently spent the holidays w/ my family in Arizona where we had rented a flex-fuel vehicle from the airport. I had installed the app a few days earlier and was excited to see it in action when I fired it up in a big city with hundreds of fueling stations. Within seconds a full map appeared on the screen displaying the stations in the area with an E85 pump.

With the mobile app becoming a growing standard in our daily lives, it is exciting to see an application designed specifically for the biofuel markets. No word yet on a biodiesel specific application, but I think it's only a matter of time until one is released.

“Being able to provide America’s consumers with more access to flex-fuel stations is helping raise awareness of the increasing amount of alternative fuels that are available to them,” said RFA Market Development Director, Robert White. “As more Americans fuel up with domestic fuel, we can reduce our dependency on foreign oil and increase energy security.”


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