Oct 20, 2008

Lots of new FlexFuels in 2009

I was just checking out the list of FlexFuel Vehicles (FFV) for model year 2009 and I have to give some big kudos to Chevy. Out of the 16 engine options they are offering, 13 are FFVs.

Vehicles that have FFV engines can use any ethanol blend of up to 85% ethanol, automatically adjusting engine timing to accomodate the fuel blend. Ethanol is much cleaner burning; a car running on E85 will decrease its Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by about 41%. (This number takes into account the fact that there is less energy in a gallon of ethanol than in a gallon of pure gasoline, meaning you will use more ethanol to go the same distance.) 85% Ethanol is generally the cheapest fuel around; if you are an Oregon resident, you also qualify for a $0.50 / gallon tax credit!

Historically, most FFVs have not been labeled as such - especially if you drive an American made vehicle, you might have an FFV and not even know it. Check out a list of all FlexFuel Vehicles at http://www.e85fuel.com/e85101/flexfuelvehicles.php.

A list of all SeQuential E85 Ethanol pumps: http://www.sqbiofuels.com/locations.htm

More info on the Oregon Tax credit: http://www.sqbiofuels.com/tax_credit.html

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