Mar 24, 2008

We are using how much fuel?!

I was going to do a different sort of analysis about this... but the scale of these numbers just wowed me so I'll let them speak for themselves.

Oregon's 2006 consumption of petroleum fuel:
4,314,400 gallons per day of gasoline (source)
2,266,600 gallons per day of diesel (source)

Oregon's 2006 consumption of biofuel:
38,356 gallons per day of ethanol (source)
10,959 gallons per day of biodiesel (source, which is a estimate)

Now with that in mind, how much of this is actually being produced in Oregon?

Oregon's 2006 production of petroleum fuel:
121 gallons per day of production capacity (source, I don't know if this is actually being produced)

Oregon's 2008 production of biofuel:
405,479 gallons per day of ethanol (source)
7,547 gallons per day of biodiesel (source)

So... what is the take away message here? Only a fraction of the fuel we use in Oregon is made from biofuel, but the impact has been huge:
  • Bringing fuel production back in state
  • Giving farmers access to a new market
  • Decreasing carbon dioxide emissions
  • Proving that not only is there an alternative to petroleum fuel, there are thousands of people who want this alternative
Everyone who has chosen to fuel up with biofuel is part of this change; we are still at the beginnings of it, but there is nowhere to go but up from here!

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Sasha Friedman said...

In case anyone wants to do further reading, check out the Energy Information Administration (, the source for "Official Energy Statistics for the US Government".

(Does finding that website so fascinating make me an 'energy wonk'?)